Industrial Sector


Petrochemical is the main industrial sector of Hengyuan Petrochemical and the main feed is imported crude oil.The existing processing units include 3.50 MT/a heavy-duty road asphalt unit,1.00 MT/a delayed coking unit,0.60 MT/a heavy oil fast cracking unit,0.30 MT/a heavy oil deep catalytic cracking unit,0.25 MT/a liquefied gas deep processing unit,0.30 MT/a diesel hydrotreating unit,70,000 T/a polypropylene unit,0.40 MT/a heavy gasoline deep desulfurization unit,60,000 T/a ethylbenzene-styrene unit,30,000 T/a aromatic hydrocarbon separation unit,10,000 T/a tert-butyl alcohol unit and 10,000 T/a propane dehydrogenation to propylene unit,and the main products include automotive gasoline,automotive diesel,liquefied gas,propane,propylene,polypropylene,petroleum coke,etc.


The strict control of production process and rigorous attitude towards quality management ensure the high specification,high quality and domestic leading level of various products of the Company.

250,000 tons gas separation unit

800,000 tons diesel oil hydrogenation set

1 million tons delayed coking unit

3.5 million tons traffic asphalt unit

Park Show

300,000 tons TMP double-section riser fluid catalytic and cracking unit

Quality Control Department